Freelance Multimedia Art Director NYC  Freelance Creative Director NYC digital marketing hybrid marketing NYC

Multimedia Marketing • Multimedia Art Direction • Copywriting • PPC/SMM/SEM/SEO/SEO-Copywriting

Freelance Multimedia Art Director NYC Hybrid Creative Director Hybrid Marketing Director NYC digital marketing hybrid marketing NYC
Freelance  Art Director NYC Hybrid Creative Director / Hybrid Marketing Director NYC

  Mobile Responsive Web Design & Development  

Freelance MultimediaArt Director NYC Hybrid Creative Director Hybrid Marketing Director NYC digital marketing hybrid marketing NYC


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NYC Art Director NYC Hubrid Marketing Director

 Multimedia Creative / Marketing Art Director (NYC)

Latest Work
A Promottional YouTube Marketing video Production for a Bicycle Seat Cover Business

Why I became a Hybrid Multimedia Creative Director  — By Jaime Ordonez Victoria.
"Among my inspirations to become a NYC Freelance Art Director early in my career, one of my NYC gurus in Communication Design was Milton Glaser. His example has shown and molded me into a hybrid jack-of-all-media. It was not enough to be a designer or an Art Director! My first assignment at the School of Visual Arts in NYC from his style of teaching was to invent a product, then design it, prototype it, produce it, package it, market-position it, advertise it and sell it, to three different audiences, all in three months. I got an A+. Then we had to do it all over again, and again!"

As a Hybrid Inbound Marketing & Creative Director, Jaime has spent the last 15+ years directing & implementing online campaigns through PPC, Email Marketing, Copywriting & content management, SMM, SEO, 'SEO-Copywriting,' White Papers, Newsletters, UX/UI, eCommerce, WordPress, Blogs,—all tracked & tested through Google Analytics. His onoging White Paper, "Be Kind to Robots, Write to Them Sincerely," keeps up to date with Google's and HubSpots lead on Search Engine Marketing and the nuances and sensibilites of addressing the digital audiences.

Please Note: For a concise and accurate picture, the pieces featured in Jaime's creative portfolio are limited to samples that have been produced exclusively by Jaime, from concept through final execution. Additionally, the benefit of hiring a seasoned Freelance Multimedia Creative & Marketing Director is that over the years the multifaceted exposure has finessed this Hybrid Director into an Inbound Marketing Hybrid³ in the Communication Arts. Today, it is as essential that the Hybrid Creative Director be hands-on expert in Marketing, as much as the Hybrid Marketing Director needs to be hands-on expert in Creative—the new Paradigm


Jaime has more than 15 years of professional experience as a Hybrid Communications / Multimedia Creative & Marketing Director, including (but not limited to) Digital & Interactive Project Management, writing Creative Briefs, Web Development, Multimedia (Including Print), and Brand Management strategies. This includes corporate communications both with internal C level stakeholders, internal clients and outside vendors. Additional experience of 8+ years in Telecomm with Nokia and Global Voice and Data, both for the B2C and B2B markets. In most of his experience he supervises the implementation of market research campaigns from inception to launch. Jaime build ads and webs thru HTML/CSS/wireframe architecture and integrate the code following all the site’s standards. Capable of handling video editing, white papers copywriting, advertising & collateral materials (design and copywriting), Salesforce, WordPress, Amazon Web Store, MS office, Adobe Master Productions Suite CC, 6, 5, 4, 3. In 2001 he designed and developed a user interactive image-bank, which allowed global employees to post and manipulate images from any format without the need to know or use image manipulation software at Nokia. He was also responsible for Concept & Development of a PERL user-interactive web publishing tool that replaced the costly out-of-the-box applications offered by Lotus Domino CMS, SAP, and other vendors, Saving Nokia Worldwide $1.5mm yearly. He has extensive 15+ years experience on HTML, and CSS, as well as 8+ years with Flash Animation and PowerPoint, 10+ years with Digital Marketing through targeted digital advertising and Email Campaigns in SalesForce and Google Analytics. Jaime has an excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He can attend Phone and On-site Interview with 2 days’ of notice and can start working after 2 weeks of notice.


Adobe Master Production Suite CC, CS6, CS5, CS3—Video, Print, Web, Mobile. (Fluent AE, PR, DW, FL, PS, AI, ID), HTML/CSS3, SEO/UX/UI, SEM/SMM, WordPress. Google AdWords, WebMaster Central and Analytics, Amazon Webstore & MarketPlace,, SalesForce, + Comprehensive SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC.

Freelance Multimedia Art Director NYC / Freelance Cretive Director / Hybrid Marketing Director NYC digital marketing hybrid marketing NYC
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